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In the configuration panel you can choose how Visidea behave in your website.

Configuration sections

General settings

In the general section you can configure how the plugin works globally. It is structured in two panels:

  • Global settings
  • CSS settings

In the Global settings pane, you can configure if you want to show the Visual Search icon, the category of your website and other global settings.

In the CSS settings pane, you can add custom CSS to your website to change completely the look and feel of the recommendations.

Recommedations settings

With Visidea you can add recommendations widgets into several sections of your website:

  • Home Page
  • Product Detail Page
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Thank You Page

Widget configuration

In each section you can configure what and how to display in the corresponding page.

You can add or remove blocks in the page and configure each block individually.

With the "Active" toggle you can choose to show or hide the block into your page.

In the "Algorithm" you can choose what to display in the single slideshow (details on each algorithm below).

In "Items" you can set how many products you want to show in the slideshow.

In "Show after" you can specify where to place the slideshow in your page with the CSS selector of an HTML element in the page. The widget may be hidden if your theme is not fully recognized by our software, in this case you need to specify the "Show after" to display the recommendations.

How to get the CSS selector

  1. Go to the corresponding section on your website, e.g. if you are setting the home page in Visidea app, go to the home page of your website.
  2. Hover the cursor over the element over the element after which you want to insert the recommendations and right click mouse.
  3. Select Inspect.
  4. See the highlighted element code.
  5. Right click on the highlighted code.
  6. Select Copy > Copy selector.
  7. Paste in the "Show after" field in the Visidea app.

Algorithms description

Collaborative filtering

The collaborative filtering algorithm displays products that are suggested by our Artificial Intelligence based on the interactions that the user has done in your website.

The Popular items algorithm displays the best sellers products.

Last seen

The Last seen algorithm displays the last products viewed by the user.

Visual similarity

The Visual similarity algorithm display the most similar items of the one that is currently seen. It is available in the Product detail page.

Frequently bought together

The Frequently bought together algorithm displays products that are often bougth together with the current one. It is available in the Product detail page.