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CSV files

Visidea needs some files in order to provide recommendations:

  • Items file
  • Users file
  • Interactions file

All the files must follow this format:

  • UTF-8 encoded
  • Rows are separated by \n
  • Fields separated by semicolon ;
  • Text fields included by double quote "
  • Double quote in text fields are escaped by slash character \
  • Column names in the first row

Items file

File structure:

  • item_id: product id
  • name: product name
  • description: product description
  • brand_id: brand id
  • brand_name: brand name
  • price: original price in euro (floating point format with no thousand separator)
  • market_price: discounted price in euro (if there’s no discount use the original price)
  • discount: discount in percent
  • page_ids: array of pages/categories ids where the product is published separated by pipe caracter |
  • page_names: array of pages/categories names where the product is published separated by pipe caracter |
  • url: url of the product
  • images: images urls separated by pipe caracter |
  • stock: availability quantity of the product (put 0 if not published)
  • gender: product gender (put one of this strings: Man / Woman / Unisex )

Users file

File structure:

  • user_id: user id
  • email: user e-mail
  • name: user nome
  • surname: user surname
  • address: user address
  • city: user city
  • zip: user zip
  • state: user state
  • country: user country (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format, example: US)
  • birthday: user birthday

Interactions file

File structure:

  • user_id: user id
  • item_id: item id
  • action: action (put one of this strings: purchase / cart)
  • timestamp: timestamp of the event (ISO 8601, example: 2022-03-22T09:27Z)