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Video tutorial

App installation

  1. Go to the Visidea app in the Shopify app store (, and install it into your website.
  2. Choose your plan from the "Plan" tab and start the subscription (you can use a 14-days free trial).
  3. Create your Visidea account and generate your API key. Follow the link in the app configuration "If you aren't registered you can subscribe here". Visidea registration
  4. After registration, you will be redirected to the configuration of your website where you can complete the configuration.
  5. Choose the category of your products and click Connect.
  6. Go back to your Shopify store.
  7. Copy the public token from the App home page using the "Copy" button.
  8. Go to App embeds settings.
  9. Ensure the Visidea App is active.
  10. Paste the public token from your clipboard to the App embeds settings. Shopify theme editor
  11. Click save on the top right bar
  12. Please wait for automatic updates to generate the recommendations. The time for generating recommendations depends on the size of your shop.